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Find legacy data within your CRM

From now on, you can get to grips with deadbeats in your CRM system much more easily, because a long-awaited (and frequently requested) feature is now available in the account settings: The search for old contacts (or offers or projects), i.e. those that haven't received an update in a long time and have thus either "slipped through" or are no longer relevant. Of course, the GDPR also plays a role here, because data from people who once made a request 10 years ago is actually no longer needed today. 

Until now, you could sort your list of persons (or other areas) in ascending order according to the last processing date and thus find the "old" contacts. But now, with our "dead body search", you can more easily find contacts that have been "untouched for 5 years", for example. We then give these contacts a unique tag / keyword, so that you can then go through these hits individually (e.g. with the series editing) or delete them collectively. 

Click on the cogwheel, there on "Account settings" and then on "Find dead bodies". Here you can now decide what constitutes a dead body for you and start the search for it. 

Have fun cleaning up - whether now or not until spring cleaning.