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About CentralStationCRM

CentralStationCRM helps small companies, start-ups and the freelancer to maintain a good overview of their customer relationships. Service providers such as agencies, consultancies or sales teams in particular can use CentralStationCRM to improve their B2B sales and keep track of their activities. Everyone can see at a glance which colleague last spoke to a customer, what was agreed or how high the order volume is.

There is no need for complicated software to be able to fulfil such basic functions. Especially in small companies complex systems are only used very limited, and lead to errors and frustration in day-to-day business. This frustration was our motivation to develop a lean, modern CRM system: CentralStationCRM.

CentralStationCRM focusses on intuitive usability and simplicity. Compared to other CRM systems, we concentrate on the core tasks of day-to-day interaction in sales. Contacts can be created easily and organised and selected using keywords. Addressing individual customers or groups directly is therefore very easy. Notes, tasks, telephone calls, e-mails and more can be stored in CentralStationCRM so that the employees involved always have all the important information available and can work on it together. By the way, it doesn't matter whether you work in the office, from home or on the move, with Mac or Windows: CentralStationCRM is a purely cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) service.

CentralStationCRM is currently available in German, English and Spanish and can be used in combination with various extensions, for example for sending newsletters, accounting or lead management. All customer data is stored by CentralStationCRM in Germany and is therefore subject to European data protection.

We are experts for ...

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

We count thousands of SMEs among our customers and therefore know their expectations and problems. From entrepreneurs to medium-sized companies, customers from various industries use our software to manage their customer relationships. As a result, we not only look through our own SME glasses but have also become experts in sales, marketing and business management for SMEs thanks to our experience with our customers. 

Software as a Service SaaS

As a software company, we offer other SaaS solutions in addition to CentralStationCRM, such as the CentralPlanner reservation software. All of our software solutions are cloud-based SaaS services that we have designed and developed entirely in-house - and are continuously developing further. The fact that we have established ourselves as an independent company in the crowded market of CRM providers is proof of our quality - and at the same time makes us the David against the Goliath between competitors such as Salesforce and Co.


The foundation of 42he, the company behind CentralStationCRM, was financed entirely from our own resources. Instead of investor money and venture capital, we focussed on independence and moderate growth right from the start. Almost a decade after the company was founded, we are an example of a successful company founded according to the bootstrapping model.

If you are looking for an expert, conversation partner or statement maker on one of our expert topics, please contact us!

About the team

The founding team consists of Axel von Leitner and Moritz Machner. As former managing directors and chief computer scientists of a 45-person management consultancy in Cologne, both have first-hand experience of what functional software means for business success.

Moritz is primarily responsible for the technical aspects, i.e. conceptualisation, programming, security and operation. Axel's day-to-day work is centred around design and usability as well as business management issues.

But these two are just the tip of the iceberg. Behind them is a team of developers, designers, authors and, last but not least, the good spirits of customer support. Read more about us.

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Contacts overview in a CRM

Overview view of all persons in CentralStationCRM. The contacts in the CRM can be categorized and organized using tags.

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Contact details in a CRM

Detailed view of a contact in CentralStationCRM. In addition to basic data, notes, e-mails, tasks, involved offers and projects are collected here.

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Deals overview in a CRM

Overview of all offers in CentralStationCRM, displaying offers and the expected turnover. Offers can be sorted using previously defined keywords. For example, quotations can be segmented by product category, customer group or responsible branch.

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Deal details in a CRM

All relevant notes, e-mails, tasks and contact details are collected in the detailed deal view.

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