Easy to use CRM Software for your Mac

A lean CRM software for MacOS.

Fitting perfectly into the apple ecosystem

CentralStationCRM has been developed as a lean and easy CRM Software – fitting perfectly into the Apple eco system.

This web based software can best be characterized by less complexity and more usability. As a Cloud Software CentralStationCRM works directly with your browser and hand in hand with your Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Simple and lean as you know it from your Mac

CentralStationCRM is not just a simple data storage or digital address book, it goes much further.

Our software supports the whole contact management of the user.

This includes dealing with clients for your sales department, but also all other relationships of your company like to providers, media agencies or designers.

Contact details in a CRM
Contact details in a CRM

Like Apple, we think very accurate about every single feature and its function within the CRM software, because we don’t want it to be just a daily commodity. Like a Mac it shall make people happy to use it. This makes CentralStationCRM to a perfect match for the demanding Mac user. And we don’t mean this in a negative way ;-)

Integration of CRM and the Apple Calendar

CentralStationCRM works smoothly with standard Mac formats like iCal. This makes it easy to integrate your CRMs tasks or appointments into iCal on your Mac or on your iPhone.

E-Mails sent with Apple Mail are automatically connected to the right contact in your CRM. This makes conversations with your clients easily understandable and transparent, even months or years later. It works with Apple Mail, but also with Outlook for Mac or Gmail.

Die Integration in den Mac-Kalender.
Die Integration in den Mac-Kalender.

Use your CRM Software on mobile devices like iPhone or iPad

The CRM Software CentralStationCRM is not just optimized for Mac, but also for mobile access with your iPhone or iPad. You can log into your CRM using your Safari browser or put the icon of the web app right on your homescreen. The mobile interface of CentralStationCRM is adjusted to the small screen if you use the iPhone or the iPad mini, on the 10 inch iPad you will want to use the regular interface.

The mobile interface is not just smaller, it is also optimized for mobile use in areas with bad net coverage. That makes sure you have always access to all your contact details in your CRM, no matter when or where you are.

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10 reasons for CentralStationCRM

  • CRM Software especially made for small companies (sme)
  • Simply to use, no need to be an IT expert
  • Web based, no installation required
  • One central data storage, works with Mac and Safari
  • Very affordable - the perfect match for startups and freelancers
  • High data privacy standards - Data storage in Germany
  • Mobile version for iPhone and iPad
  • No long-term contracts, no “lock in”
  • Easy data migration in and out
  • First class support with no extra costs

The modern hard- and software that Apple uses creates the perfect surrounding for our CRM. The Safari Browser which is installed on every Apple product, works on the webkit-engine and supports all of the latest features in CentralStationCRM. For example we make use of the local browser storage to shorten the loading time and to reduce bandwidth. Or if you work with Apple Contacts, you can easily import your Apple-vCards into CentralStationCRM and the other way round. That makes CentralStationCRM the perfect Mac CRM.

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