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We're building the most awesome CRM for small businesses.

CRM software often tries to be too much, neglecting the user. We think a little or infrequently used software doesn't help at all. That's why we put ease of use and usability first. We want to help small businesses to become better organized and to create a fun software to work with. CentralStationCRM is our response to complexity in sales.

We are a team of creative developers, spending alot attention to details, not just shipping a feature. We founded 42he to develop simple, web-based software for small businesses. We think of software as intuitive, focused and user-friendly. Are we alone?

Axel von Leitner

Axel von Leitner

Axel von Leitner founded 42he together with Moritz Machner. 42he is the company behind CentralStationCRM. Together, they invest a lot of time in product development and designing CentralStationCRM. When Axel isn't lost in coding, he coordinates the various issues and improvements on which the team works. He is also responsible for 42he-business topics.

Prior to founding the company, Axel was director of the management consultancy OSCAR GmbH. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media Management (Cologne) and a Master of Science in International Business from the University of Maastricht.

Moritz Machner

The second founder of the team is Moritz Machner. He is responsible for the technical areas of 42he, in particular programming, security and operation of the systems. Moritz is our man when it comes to developing huge features or exploring new technologies in order to improve CentralStationCRM. If you do not get to see him for days and at night only hear the clatter of the keyboard and the coffee machine, the following applies: "no news is good news". At the end, sophisticated art of programming.

Prior to founding the company, Moritz was self-employed as a web developer and responsible for the IT development of management consulting OSCAR GmbH. He studied computer science economy in Bonn and holds a Bachelor of Science.

Sven Sester

Sven Sester is responsible for communications and media relations at 42he. He speaks for 42he and provides externs with the necessary information about what we do and why we do it the way we do it. He is the first contact for media, bloggers and other multipliers in the on-and offline world. Of course, Sven loves to write. On our blog, in magazines or when he's involved in short yet intuitive wording within our software. If he doesn't write, he might help you within our support team.

Prior to 42he, Sven was managing director of OSCAR GmbH - together with Axel. As a political scientist, he later found himself in Berlin, where he devoted himself for a public relations agency. 2011, Sven moved to an Internet service provider from Luxembourg before he came back in 2013 to join the old fellows.

Arne Buchner

Arne Buchner is developer at 42he. As a computer scientist with over 10 years of experience, he has particular expertise in handling large amounts of data and the integration of different web systems. As each of us, Arne regularly helps our customers during his support hours.

Before joining 42he, Arne studied computer science at the University of Cologne. He then worked for various companies and Internet service providers in Cologne and Luxembourg.


Jura is responsible for legal, compliance and coffee with milk foam. It perfectly integrates the latest technology with traditional hand tools. No, seriously: Without Jura, we would only be half as productive.