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Updates in the GDPR contract: From now on we also store all files exclusively in Germany

For over a year now, we have been working on storing the files stored in CentralStationCRM only in Germany and no longer using the Amazon file storage solution (AWS). All other input in our systems has always been stored and processed exclusively on our own hardware. 

And now, shortly after Christmas, the time had come: we flipped the switch and turned off the storage of files at Amazon. 

In line with this change, we have adapted our order processing agreement (AVV) and removed Amazon from the list of approved subcontractors (Annex 3). 

There are no other changes in the new version of the contract. 

IMPORTANT: You do not have to do ANYTHING. Print nothing, sign nothing, send nothing. These changes are essentially formal adjustments that we would still like to communicate as transparently as possible, of course. For questions and comments, you can of course reach us as usual in customer support.