Searched and found! The new search function in CentralStationCRM.

Update regarding : Searched and found! The new search function in CentralStationCRM.

Crisis or no crisis, we have invested, in hardware and in work. The result is, wait a minute, I'll find it right away, a new search! More precisely, a new full-text search that searches notes, e-mails and the like. 

What has changed in the CRM search?

Full text search as default

First of all, you will notice that the full-text search will now become the default if no name can be assigned to your search term. This means that pressing the Enter key is sufficient to activate it, the way via the mouse is no longer necessary.

CRM at speed

Compared to the old one, the new search is incredibly fast. Especially larger accounts with a large database will notice the difference immediately. The extra portion of speed is mainly based on new servers, which are purchased and used explicitly for the search. In addition, the search algorithm is different.

Semantic search (almost)

We don't take it too seriously any more. In other words, by using background knowledge, we take more account of the meaning of texts and search queries. This means that we now find results even though you may have mistyped your query or search for the word in the singular even though it is only in the plural in the note.

More search criteria

The new algorithm allows us to incorporate more search criteria, which ultimately determine the relevance and thus the order of the search results. In addition to the matching of letters, we now look more closely at the location of the search term (e.g. in the text or subject), the age of the note or e-mail, when it was last edited, etc. 

Filter search results

By introducing new criteria, you can now narrow down your search, for example to the creator or even whether the search should only be carried out within e.g. tasks. The results can then be displayed in chronological order, either by relevance or by the time of creation.

As you can see, a lot has really happened in terms of searching. Do you have any questions, comments or criticism? Then you are welcome to write to us, preferably via the help section or on Facebook.

Who's behind all this?

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