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A bunch of updates regarding adresses, searching, filtering and the webform

We've had some updates during the last days that you might want to know about. Those updates are about easier adding addresses, searching through emails and much more. Here we go:

Adding addresses

So far we've only had an autocomplete for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but that changed. Now we're helping you while adding addresses all over the globe, but don't worry - we won't disturb you with the indian address if all your customers are located in the US and some in France.

You might also have noticed that we removed the textfield for the country name in favor of the dropdown containing all countries. By doing so we can be sure to have the right country names that you might want to filter for later. Otherwise it could be tricky to find all US customers, if some addresses have US, some USA and some United States.

CRM search

We improved the search for notes, emails and tasks so that you better find what you are looking for. You may now search for all these within your account, not only for the ones you created. Plus you may now search within appointments, file names, comments and task lists - or just search all of the mentioned.

Find contacts, deals and projects WITHOUT a custom field

Sometimes you may want to find all contacts that DON'T have data within a specific field that you added. You may now do so by submitting NULL within the extended filter of any of your index pages (contacts, companies, deals, projects).

We hope you're as happy with the change as we are, enjoy the rest of your week!