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Our team

We're building the most awesome CRM
for small businesses.

We founded 42he to develop simple and web-based software for small businesses. Our understanding of good software: Intuitively understandable, focused and user-friendly.

About CentralStationCRM

CRM software often tries to be too much, neglecting the user. We think a little or infrequently used software doesn't help at all. That's why we put ease of use and usability first. We want to help small businesses to become better organized and to create a fun software to work with. CentralStationCRM is our response to complexity in sales.

We are a team of creative developers, spending alot attention to details, not just shipping a feature. We founded 42he to develop simple, web-based software for small businesses. We think of software as intuitive, focused and user-friendly. Are we alone?

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