The Basics of Sales for Small Companies

The Basics of Sales for Small Companies

In this series we want to examine the most important basics of sales and how to organize your acquisition attempts. The articles are based on our own experiences we made during the last years, so it is for sure subjective and not based on scientific research.

Our purpose is to show different types and styles of the sales business and to break down the whole process. What sales method works for which target group? What is your market position and what does that mean for your sales activities? Which channels are the right ones for you to get new contact details and leads?

What actions should be taken after a successful sale and how to sell again to already existing customers (warm acquisition)?

You see, we will cover a lot of topics focussing on the conditions in small companies. Stay tuned!

  1. Different Types of Sales - which options do I have?
  2. Sales Preparations: What is my target group?
  3. New Sales Leads - how to find and qualify them?
  4. Hot or cold sales - what is the difference?
  5. Calling one more time - the right follow up for your sales actions
  6. Sales talk: How to win your customer face to face
  7. How to prepare a proposal - and how to win it
  8. Referral Marketing: How to win new customers with old customers
  9. Warm acquisition - win existing clients for more sales
  10. Marketing and Sales - what you need to keep in mind to improve your sales
  11. Common Mistakes in Sales - the Quick Proposal
  12. Common Mistakes in Sales - Believe in Forecasts
  13. Acquiring customers: Things you should never say on the phone
by Sven Sester about sales and acquisition
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