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"Finally all contacts, tasks, notes and emails found their home."

- Axel von Leitner, owner of 42he
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The perfect customer relationship management for small companies, easy and web based. =======

The perfect customer relationship management for small companies, easy and web based. >>>>>>> other

  • Store and organize all contacts and client relationships in one place.
  • You'll see on one page how your last contact went and how to move forward.
  • Work as a team or on your own, keeping track of all important tasks.

Manage contacts, tasks and deals in one central place

CentralStationCRM helps you keep track of all stuff around your customer relationships. From managing contact details, storing notes, emails and tasks to collaboration with colleagues and coworkers - CentralStationCRM's got your back.

You may organize your clients anad contacts by using tags that form clusters of similar people such as "long term customer" or "press contact". Thus you can easily get in touch with the right people at the right time, not always contacting all people or manually reviewing whom to send your marketing mail over and over again.

Moreover CentralStationCRM has a powerful deals section that helps you see all your relevant sales prospects at a glance.

Access your CRM data anywhere, anytime

CentralStationCRM will be on your side when you need it and you know what's best? It will bring all the relevant information with it, all the time!
No matter if you are sitting at your office desk or if you're climbing the steps to a meeting with your customer. Your CRM works with Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and any other device that comes with a browser.
CentralStation CRM - CRM Software Mobil auf iPad, iPhone oder klassisch im Büro am Desktop PC

Marcel knodel riva partners

"CentralStationCRM is insanely easy and clean. It holds exactly the right featureset and eliminated everything that would bewilder us."
- Marcel Knodel, Managing Partner at Riva Partners, Munich - Consulting

Joana schulz

“My first thougts when working with it were: That's so great!”
- Joana Schulz, virtual assistants, Hamburg

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  • 27.000 contacts
  • 15 GB file storage

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  • 20 users
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We also offer a Freelancer plan (2 users, 6.000 contacts, 3 GB file storage, 29€/month) and a plan for bigger corporates (80 users, 100.000 contacts, 30 GB file storage, 329€/month).

We'll keep your data save, backuped and stored in Germany.