You are looking for an alternative for your Highrise CRM?

If it becomes necessary to change your CRM provider, users are scared because of the migration of data
Do you use Highrise by former 37signals, now Basecamp? If yes, this is no reason to be worried. A great alternative is in sight – CentralStationCRM.

For a long time on the English market there was only one CRM for all friends of simple and easy to use software – Highrise by 37signals, today Basecamp. This SaaS was product focused more on productivity and collaboration, than on fancy charts with numbers and it was developed for SME. Moreover the design company was for long and still is a guaranty for intuitive user interfaces, and of course good design.

On February 5 2014 Jason Fried, founder and CEO of 37signals announced, Highrise won’t be developed any further. Since then, they decided to spin it off.

CentralStationCRM is, like Highrise, a pure and webbased CRM system. It focuses entirely on small teams and freelancers. But CentralStationCRM isn’t a copy cat, but captivates by a great design and smart functionalities, that since 2010 motivated a bunch of Highrise users to change systems already.

See five good reasons, why CentralStationCRM is more than just an alternative to Highrise.

1. Doublet check and consistent data basis

Highrise users often complained about a fragmented data basis due to a rights management and a lack of an automatic doublet check. CentralStationCRM has not just a leaner rights management, it also automatically checks for double entered contacts.

Afterwards double contacts aren’t just deleted, but joined carefully. By this procedure it is prevented, that contacts get lost or you have a “companyname” and a “companyname Ltd.” at the same time. A clean data basis is fundamental for a reliable CRM.

2. Unlimited deals

While in Highrise the number of deals in smaller plans is limited, in CentralStationCRM the amount of deals is unlimited, even for the free plan for up to three users. Plus CentralStationCRM comes with a small visualization that shows right away, how many deals or opportunities are still open or already won.

CRM Angebotsüberblick

3. Combined filters for tags and other criterias

Every contact, every deal and every project can be marked by tags for an easy sorting. Highrise CRM does it just like that. CentralStationCRM extends this functionality by a filter for “over all” criteria like turnover or zip code. This allows combined queries like “all contacts from industry x from area y with a turnover bigger than z”. Another smart move: While working with the results of your query, the CentralStationCRM filter stays active and hence makes it easy for you to work through each hit. No need for selecting tags over and over again.

4. Easily work through a list of contacts with our list mode

One of our favourite functions for many sales people and exclusively at CentralStationCRM: After selecting your contacts by using tags and filters, you may work yourself through the hits using our "list mode". It helps you jump from contact to contact or from pending deal to pending deal, so you don't need to go via the overview page each time. The CRM remembers your criteria and the last contact you worked on, so you can leave the page and always come back to exactly where you left. We're pretty sure you'll love it.

CRM Reihenbearbeitung

5. Data privacy

A good reason why CentralStationCRM isn’t just an alternative to Highrise, but first choice for anyone who is concerned about privacy: CentralStationCRM servers are located in Germany and are subject to German privacy restrictions, which are much more strict, than for example in the US. All connections are SSL encrypted as well, which makes it way harder for intelligence agencies like NSA or GHCQ, as well as for conventional economic espionage, to get access to your data. Plus, the US Patriot Act does not apply to Germany.

For former Highrise users CentralStationCRM isn’t just an alternative, it is a great opportunity. To make your start as easy and lossless as possible we created an automatic import assistant for your full migration of data from Highrise to CentralStationCRM. All entries including users, contacts, deals, notes, etc. will be transferred, so within minutes you can work on your product and keep your business moving forward.

CentralStationCRM has been featured by these fine brands and magazines. Come, see it for yourself.

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